PortFolio – A4 Quer, inkl. 20 Folios Black

Incl. 19% Tax

1. Choose your embossing type.

2. Enter your text.

The Papermoles typeset consists of the following capital letters, numbers and special characters in the font Futura.

ÆÅÁÀÂÇÉÈÊÎÔØŠÛ?!ß „“ . , : ; ( ) / ´- * + « »

Further information

Minimal length of embossing: 1 character
Maximal length of embossing: 12 / 18 / 20 characters

The maximal length of the embossed text depends on the size of the selected product.

3. Confirm the entered data.

Confirm Cancel

The classic for the creative professions. For the presentation of your creations.

The PortFolio with chrome-plated binder screws holds roughly 20 brilliant foil pockets that can be used on both sides. Replace contents swiftly with a regular screwdriver. The unique Papermoles sheets are easily turned – a real innovation for portfolios.

Brilliant transparent pockets made of polypropylene: crystal clear, colourfast, and flexible with a black or white paper filler. The unique Papermoles plastic hinge guarantees perfect turning.

for A4 portrait presentations
for A4 landscape presentations
for A3 portrait presentations
for A3 landscape presentations

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