PortBook – A5 Hoch

Incl. 19% Tax

1. Choose your embossing type.

2. Enter your text.

The Papermoles typeset consists of the following capital letters, numbers and special characters in the font Futura.

ÆÅÁÀÂÇÉÈÊÎÔØŠÛ?!ß „“ . , : ; ( ) / ´- * + « »

Further information

Minimal length of embossing: 1 character
Maximal length of embossing: 12 / 18 / 20 characters

The maximal length of the embossed text depends on the size of the selected product.

3. Confirm the entered data.

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The organizer for numerous notebooks. For those many projects in life.

With PortBook you can stylishly organize all your projects. This leather folder is in a practical DIN A5 format and includes a ring mechanism to accomodate the numerous Papermoles stationeries. Papermoles Books, Blocks, Calendars and Pockets can be filed into this leather folder with one simple hand grip.

Measurement: W 18,0 x H 23,0 cm (A5 portrait)
Productdesign: Julia Erdmann

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