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    1. Choose your embossing type.

    2. Enter your text.

    The Papermoles typeset consists of the following capital letters, numbers and special characters in the font Futura.

    ÆÅÁÀÂÇÉÈÊÎÔØŠÛ?!ß „“ . , : ; ( ) / ´- * + « »

    Further information

    Minimal length of embossing: 1 character
    Maximal length of embossing: 12 / 18 / 20 characters

    The maximal length of the embossed text depends on the size of the selected product.

    3. Confirm the entered data.

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    The photopages are made of flat 250g cardboard in black or white and have a special transparent hinge so that the pages can be turned over easily. The photopages are ink proof and so are very suitable for writing.

    These PhotoPages are particularly suitable for our PortPhotos.

    30,5 x 30,5 cm; suitable for PortPhote 35,0 x 31,5 cm
    A4 portrait; suitable for PortPhote A4 portrait
    A4 landscape; suitable for PortPhote A4 landscape
    A5 landscape; suitable for PortPhote A5 landscape