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    1. Choose your embossing type.

    2. Enter your text.

    The Papermoles typeset consists of the following capital letters, numbers and special characters in the font Futura.

    ÆÅÁÀÂÇÉÈÊÎÔØŠÛ?!ß „“ . , : ; ( ) / ´- * + « »

    Further information

    Minimal length of embossing: 1 character
    Maximal length of embossing: 12 / 18 / 20 characters

    The maximal length of the embossed text depends on the size of the selected product.

    3. Confirm the entered data.

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    Punch for loose documents.

    Space-saving paper punches made of aluminum to punch loose documents in A4, A5 or A6 format. The A6 six-hole perforation matches the PortPocket ring binders, A5 four-hole perforation matches the PortBook and PortContact ring binders and the A4 four-hole perforation combines with PortRing organizers.